Saturday, October 14, 2006 anti-Catholic hate ad

We have dwelt considerably on the fact that welcomed anti-Semitic hate speech, racist slurs, and 9/11 conspiracy theories at its Action Forum. Here is some of MoveOn's equal-opportunity hate for Catholics. This was not, incidentally, posted at the Action Forum. It was an official publication.

There is a huge difference between disagreeing with America's policy on Israel and the Middle East and publishing anti-Semitic hate speech and outright blood libels of Jews, as the Action Forum did. There is similarly a difference between disagreeing with the Catholic Church on abortion and publishing a hate picture of the Pope. From where we sit, is a despicable hate organization every bit as repugnant as the Ku Klux Klan (which also dislikes Catholics).

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Maddie said...

Just as there is a difference in San Diego where a cross is standing to honor those who died in combat...........

Ya - the ACLU, Move are deragatory words in our country!