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Now that has shut down its Action Forum in disgrace, we must resort to combing Google's cache for even more goodies that show where the organizataion really stands. It also shows that Eli Pariser is not being entirely truthful per his statement at

Statement On ActionForum Comments.
Statement from Eli Pariser, Political Action
"MoveOn’s ActionForum is an open forum where members of the public and MoveOn members can post their thoughts regarding important political issues.
Once in a while—as in any public forum—inappropriate material is posted. Recently, a few of the thousands of comments that are posted every week contained anti-Semitic language.
The comments that were posted were abhorrent. We were dismayed to see them, and removed them as soon as they came to our attention 17 days ago.

"Recently," Mr. Pariser?

Top Ten things-to-do List (If you are elected next November.)
1. Voting regulation reform: Reverting back to paper ballots or analog voting machine technology.
2. Campaign finance reform: Publicly funded campaigns not to exceed one million dollars at the local level and ten to twenty million at the national level.
3. Separation of Church and State reform: sharply curtail any influence from any religious organization with special emphasis towards the Jews.
4. Reopen the 911 investigation and bring all the troops home immediately.
5. Income tax reform: Rescind all tax cuts initiated by the Bush administration.
6. Separation of corporation and State reform: sharply curtail the influence of lobbyists from the military industrial complex.
7. Start impeachment proceedings against Bush and Co.
8. Reduce the military budget to less than half, and increase spending for basic research.
9. Universal health care reform: free healthcare for all US citizens.
10. Education reform: free education for all US citizens from K-PhD.
This may not be the order in which everyone can agree on, and there are others that could be included. However, I believe that these are basically the top ten.
Our task is to vote out every Republican and replace them with either a Democrat or an Independent. Then hold their feet to the fire until they get the job done. No excuses.
(April 16, 2006;)

34 of 37 agree with this

Enough already!
Another neo-con appeared today on C-Span to defend Bush and his spying program! I am Jewish and proud of it (despite everything) but I am sick of seeing those neo-cons posing as average joes on national television to defend Bush and his lies. Since they don't have the decency or honesty to identify themselves by saying: "But you know, I am a Zionist and may be biased" and since most Americans can't tell the difference and don't have the courage to ask, maybe they should be forced to wear an Israeli flag on the lapel of their jackets. Isn't it time to tell the American people the truth, i.e. that Jews control all the media. (August 17, 2006)

100 percent agree (8 out of 8)

Thursday, September 07, 2006 Bush, Neocons planned 9/11

We previously documented how is now actively monitoring and moderating its Action Forum to prevent the appearance of embarrassing remarks about “media-owning Jewish pigs” and “racist police officers.” Comments may even be pre-screened before they are allowed to appear but the following apparently met MoveOn’s approval: unnamed neocons with connections to President Bush orchestrated a terrorist attack against the United States.
These are the same people from whom Ned Lamont, Bob Casey, Bill Nelson, and Grand Kleagle Robert Byrd have accepted endorsements.
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9/11 Was an Inside Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Marvin Bush (brother) was head of Securicom, the firm in charge of security of the WTC until 9/11. Coincidence?
Prof. Steven Jones (BYU) has found residue of explosives used in controlled demolitions in samples of steel from WTC.
The official explanation of why the towers fell is that heat from jet fuel weakened the steel and the collapse of the upper floors caused a “pancake” effect and each floor collapsed from the weight of the floors above it crashing down. I’d believe that if the
melting point of steel weren’t 1,000 degrees hotter than jet fuel can burn, if most of the fuel hadn’t exploded outside the building upon impact, and if the towers didn’t fall at free-fall speed, as if there were not 47 steel columns holding the floors up in the air.
NORAD, our national air-defense system stood down and did not intercept the hi-jacked planes. Our military was conducting several war-game excersises which simulated hi-jacked airliners being flown into buildings. This gave cover for the real-world terror plot to happen, allowing the FAA to think the hi-jacked planes were part of the wargames and not take action of their own.
Flights 93 and 77 were not even scheduled to fly on 9/11. None of the terrorists were even on the passenger manifests!

Ask questions, demand answers. Soon, it will be too late to freely ask these questions.

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9/11 An Inside Job
I continue to believe that this is the ONLY issue that really matters, because it is the only one that transcends political affiliations. It is not an issue of debate, or opinion, or politics if it is shown that our current administration planned and executed 9/11. No one could argue that killing our own citizens in order to stay in power and promote their own ends is a reasonable political "strategy". Scholarsfor9/ are investigating the facts, not conjecture. We do not need to whine about unvetted videos. The facts are there, waiting to be investigated. Where is the examination of the crime scene? Where is the collection of eyewitness reports, (where early witnesses at both the Pentagon and the Pennsylvania crash site reported clearly that THERE WAS NO AIRLINER!) Where is the forensic evidence - what can still be found of it? Why have our leaders not been prosecuted for destroying the crime scenes, if nothing else? There is overwhelming evidence that the "identified" Al Quaida terrorists were probably not the perpetrators, since many of them have been found alive and well by the BBC. The FBI itself has acknowledged openly that they have no evidence to charge Osama Bin Laden! We all know the 9/11 commission was a sham - at least one of their members has said it was miserably incomplete. Fema has reported that THEY DO NOT KNOW why building 7 fell down. Doesn't anyone care to find out why one of our best skyscrapers (of which there are thousands still in use) just crumbled because of a small fire in its corner??? Hello!!!! Where is the REAL investigation? And who really produced all those animated "explanations" - which have been shown to be as accurate as the new Disney 9/11 movie ? Are we to simply believe the fanciful "conspiracy theories" our government packaged and fed us, or will we demand the truth?

Tuesday, September 05, 2006 America is a "Christo-Fascist" nation

America has all of the 14 defining characteristics of Fascism and, like sheep, we passively endure our fleecing : Allen L Roland
With the four horseman of hubris ( Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice and Bush ) in full gallop, shouting their war cry of 'Islamic fascism' and systematically misquoting and demonizing Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ~ it's time for America to review the 14 characteristics of fascism and, in the process, face our own growing neocon fascist state.
Dr. Lawrence Britt has examined the fascist regimes of Hitler (Germany), Mussolini (Italy), Franco (Spain), Suharto (Indonesia) and several Latin American regimes. Britt found 14 defining characteristics common to each ~ and America has all of them.

More from the MoveOn Twilight Zone

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Any one who saw the collapse of the two World Trade Center towers would have to be blind not to see that they were imploded from within due to controlled demolition, especially since the third WTC building collapsed exactly the same way without being struck by any airplane. As Jesus Christ said: "There are none so blind as they who will not see". I guess us lemmings are all as blind as though we all were victims of mass hypnosis. Let us open our eyes for a change and 'see'.

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Six out of seven MoveOn-ers agree with this.

Liberals complain of anti-Semitism

For the record, in case takes these postings down.

Is anti-semitic??
Donkey see, monkey do By Robert Goldberg,
Published August 29, 2006

I agree this forum is anti semitic. It also tends to take the side of the "bad guys" like Hezbollah and blame Israel or the US. I guess that comes under the name of anti war. You cannot lead a nation if you are weak and afraid to confront your enemies, who vow to kill you.You cannot lead by running away from conflict or siding with an enemy to "wipe Israel from the map". Israel and the Jews in this country are not our enemies and are not working to enslave us or to diminish us. I resent those who say so or imply otherwise. The terrorists, like Hezbollah, are our enemies - - by their deeds and words. I will predict MoveOn will lose support and the Democrats will go down to defeat - again - if they cannot change this seemingly pervasive attitude. They will get neither my vote nor my money the way things are now. Let's see what they do.

I am absolutely appalled that would take the side of the Lebanese
against the Israelis. I am tired of the anti-Semitic attitudes of leftists generally. Hezbollah started it by crossing into Israel and killing Israeli soldiers and kidnapping two Israelis. At the same time, Hamas crossed into Israel and kidnapped an Israeli soldiers. Hezbollah used arms transferred to Lebanon through Syria from Iran. If you guys want to cozy up to terrorists and declare them "victims," go ahead, but it has not escaped my notice that 85% of the Lebanese support Hezbollah, and therefore, Iran. People are responsible for their own actions. Stop treating everyone as victims, as unable to act properly and do the right thing. This is a tiresome, tiresome tendency of the left. "Oh you poor things, you just don't know right from wrong, so you must be protected." Why? Israel is the only friend we have in the Middle East. I don't rejoice in some of the Israeli actions. However, they have the right to defend themselves, and they are surrounded by murderers and bandits. I despise the Arab culture and I despise the Muslim religion. They mistreat women, they oppress women, and as a woman I see how the Israelis treat women. I am tired of Jihad, I am tired of a lifestyle and culture that is dominated by men and in love with death and suffering. It's disgusting, and you are disgusting to support them.
They are not victims!!! They are oppressors!!!
Only 3 out of 13 agree
Our only disagreement is the blanket condemnation of "the Muslim religion" as opposed to Islamofascism, i.e. the misuse of Islam as an excuse to behave like fascists. Note, however, that Islam is used to justify the brutalization of women as described above.

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Brilliant Rhetoric at

bush is a s**t stain on America
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100% Agree.

The actual posting does not use asterisks. This conveys the mentality of the typical member.

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Our government and the corporations and the monies and the CIA all control the world via a secret society called Skull and Bones, based out of New Haven, CT, at Yale University. Here are some links to look at, to inform yourselves...(1). (2). (3). (and, same, skull02) (4). (5).

These are just a few. The first one is highly informative. Our current President, George W. Bush, has been a member of Skull and Bones since 1968. Many U.S. Senators, Congressmen and Cabinet Members are also deeply involved.

We cannot fight this. It is Evil Incarnate. There will always be more monies in their pockets than in ours. By 2039, China will be the world power of finance. Democracy rule is failing/falling and no one can stop it. Their "New World Order" is way too big to mess with. The ones who have attempted it were assassinated.

The only way to personal peace is within the heart. There will never be a thing called "world peace"....that's a pipe dream. Wake up.

[/Twilight Zone Music]

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They don't like gays either

I was searching for info about Adam Smith the other day and came upon an internet site which reported that Adam Smith (father of modern economics) was homosexual and surprisingly open about it... unfortunately now I can't find the site. [In other words, you made it up.] I think it was Wikipedia, so it may have been edited since then. Wouldn't that be something though if we could find proof and share it publicly with the neocons?!?!? Wouldn't that put the republicans in quite a quandry? I also think it'd be great if some of the religious republicans knew their beloved GRANDPA WALTON was openly gay! We've gotta fight fire with fire! Has anyone else read this about Adam Smith??? Now if we could only get ANDY GRIFFITH to come out of the closet (just kidding)! What about BILL FRIST and TOM DELAY and TRENT LOTT and these folks...

From the Twilight Zone (or

Six out of ten Action Forum participants agree with this.
On ABC and 9/11program - MoveOn should be leading the investigation

To the extent that the impeachment of Clinton was a diversion then it could be that a lot of the people to let it happen were put in place in Clinton's administration. Hasn't anyone ever wondered why Tenet and Freeh were kept on in a George 'the decider' Bush's administration?

It took a lot of people in key positions to pull off 9/11 and it would be doubtful that they were all placed after Bush took office.

The people in place to prevent murder investigations were as necessary as the ones to let it happen.

It still seems probable that something went wrong and the operation had to be aborted and that is the reason the buildings had to be detonated and bldg 7 had to be blown. If Chicago and the west coast had been burning and the White House had been hit then martial law could easily have been declared. In their 'perfect planning' could they have overlooked the potential of ordering of all planes to be immediately grounded?

Such details as getting John O'Neil into the WTC to be eliminated in some manner took a lot of high level doings. And people seem to think that was just a coincidence.

How did Rudy Giuliani let so many of his Police and Firemen get killed and then be given 'hero' status????????

Think about those things - and many more.