Friday, September 15, 2006 Jews Deserved to be Exterminated

9 of 12 Action Forum members agree, “By blaming Hitler you don’t have to face the truth.”

The Jews have 9,000 prisoners the Arabs have 3.
It’s the Jews that are trying to push the Arabs into the sea by occupying and annexing their land, bulldozing refugee camps and orchards.
The Jews are killing the Arabs on a ratio of 10 to 1.
The Palestinians live in a prison, no way in or out without passing through an abusive Jewish guard gate.
The Jews demand that the Pals. disarm prior to any negotiating of what if anything they’ll get back. That is called begging not negotiating.
Nearly 3/4 of the entire Jewish population was exterminated. If you can’t tell us why, We are stuck with logic and commonsense.
I’m saying Jews instead of Israelis because I read the Israeli newspapers, the “Israeli Lobby” papers and have seen the House vote 410-8 in support Israel while the UN typically votes 191-4 against Israel. Also the billions in aid and military equipment are conspicuous. The world court unanimously voted against Israel.
By blaming Hitler you don’t have to face the truth.
I will stop condemning Jews when they become acclimated with all people.

Stop professing to know and start reading.

But MoveOn said it deleted the anti-Semitic material!

...We guess they lied. MoveOn said on September 2 that it deleted the anti-Semitic slurs (and by implication the others) as soon as it discovered them. Every single one of these was online as of September 15.

361 Jews in house will vote for Iran war
And yet, even as Bush was urging Olmert to bargain with Abbas, his fellow Republicans in the House pushed through legislation to officially label the Palestinian Authority he heads a "terrorist sanctuary," impose greater restrictions on aid and deny visas to Palestinian officials -- including Abbas. The House voted 361 to 37 to send the bill to the Senate. White House spokesman Tony Snow objected, saying the bill "unnecessarily constrains" the president's authority. Olmert will address a joint session of Congress today.
Removing all Israeli obsessed Jews from congress would stop a lot of killing.
American Jews pay the Israeli cowards to kill with missiles. 8 of 11 agree, "Jewish, Joseph Lieberman supports Iraq war for Israel, the Lebanon war for Israel, and the oppression of Palestinians for Israel. He also supports sanctions and wars against Iran and Syria for Israel." 19 of 21 agree that "the The Israel Lobby Has Taken Over American Democracy" 7 of 7 agree that Israelis are ashamed of their Jewish past.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

If you are a Jew and want respect;

Denounce Israel’s abuse and occupation of Palestinians for the last 50 yrs and stop spreading the lies you heard on Fox Israel News.
Condemn AIPACs manipulation of the US foreign policy.
Read and acknowledge the validity of the “Israeli Lobby” papers.
Until you do you’ll just sound like the Bush administration defending their reasons for going to war.
If you just can’t do it deny that you are Jewish.
Our parents abused some of us, some were drunks, some were divorced and some had Jewish parents. We don’t have to hang on to our past.

Ask why African Americans are dying, while the American Jewish population is only obligated to protect Israel, who discriminates against BLACKS and MUSLIMS. Then make a truthful statement to your commanding officer and the press as to how you are most likely discriminated against by your superiors, and fellow solders. Come home to protect the homeland and our human rights which are being violated by the Bush Regime. I recently spoke to an African American Marine Officer, who was disturbed about how Black Marines are being treated prior and during Bush’s illegal occupation of Iraq. He related to me that if it wasn’t for the low ranking Black Marines who were being discriminated against, and he felt they needed his help, he himself would resign. For this and other reasons Blacks serving in the armed services should not become soldiers of fortune, but instead be assigned to protect the human rights of African Americans, and all people regardless of color or faith. This country should also realize why Blacks are not obligated to shed blood for this country. They will not be able to share in the spoils and benefits if any are derived from this invasion, and others. Neither they nor their love ones in their life time will receive equal opportunities in this country. For Blacks to receive the discipline, basically what the military has to offer, and minorities are so much in need, I would suggest that they recruit Blacks, keep them in safe positions, state side and not allow them a weapon, because they may use it against those they perceive to be their enemy.

Shane Miles RE: JEW --------
We need your help in finding a word that is less offensive.
One that describes the Jewish congressmen and Jewish owned media that has a greater allegiance to Israel than the US. And who are demonizing Israel’s neighbors and supporting Israel’s bombing and occupation.
Read "Israeli Lobby" google it. "Judeo-Nazi Leaders of Israel"

“Talmud a hateful scripture”
10 out of 13 Action Forum participants agree with this.

Massacre in Gaza
By Khalid Amayreh Jun 11, 2006, 14:52
The heart-rending scenes of the Bahr al-Sudaniya massacre in Gaza on Friday, 9 June, shows the Israeli army as it really is, a reptile-Nazi-like army of thugs, hoodlums, and common criminals, not unlike the Gestapo, SS and Wehrmacht.
Indeed, what else can be said about an army that targets with heavy artillery children on an outing along the Gaza beach?
The latest carnage is of course not the first of its kind, and it most certainly won’t be the last. Massacres, after all, have always been Israel’s modus operandi. Israel itself inaugurated its birth with “holy massacres” as Talmudic sages would tell us.
In truth, Zionists have committed more massacres per capita than any other people on earth since Adam and Eve. In fact, one can safely say that wanton killings and massacres are piece and parcel of being Zionist.
I understand that there are Jews who condemn the pornographic slaughter in Gaza, people like Uri Avneri and like-minded Jews. We salute those people, who are our natural partners in the quest for a just and durable peace in Palestine.
However, it is also true that the vast bulk of Israeli Jews are enjoying the killings of Palestinian children and are congratulating each other.
Just take a look at Jewish internet sites in Israel and abroad and see how Jewish youngsters are congratulating each other on the killings of these helpless toddlers in Gaza.
This murderous cannibalism doesn’t come out of the blue. Today in Israel, school curricula are dominated by the Talmud, especially a specific Talmudic text called Shulhan Aruch.
In this text, Jews are commanded to slaughter non-Jews who are viewed more or less as animals or at least lesser human beings.
Of course, Jewish propagandists and apologists would invoke “anti-Semitism” when the truth about the racist, Nazi-like garbage Israeli boys and girls are being taught is exposed through the media.
In fact, if any objective truth-seeker wants to find out why the Israeli army and para-military Jewish terrorists are doing what they are doing to the helpless Palestinians, which is actually nothing less than a slow-motion genocide, one has to go first to the Talmud, the unofficial constitution of Israel. This hateful scripture is Israel’s real Torah as every rabbi would admit.
Today, more than 50% of Israeli army soldiers and high-ranking officers are graduates of Talmudic schools or Yeshivot throughout Israel.
And these graduates go to the army, thoroughly inculcated with this venomous and Nazi-like ideology and value system that indoctrinates them in mass murder and racism and criminality.
Well, what kind of god and religion that sanction the killing of kids playing along the beach in Gaza?
More to the point, it is amply clear that the latest massacre was not the act of one soldier or one officer.
This is a systematic policy of an army that has always murdered and lied about the murder, an army that is concerned more with justifying its crimes than recognizing them and stopping them.
Isn’t Dan Hallutz, the Israeli army chief of staff who ordered the massacre, the same person who in 2002 ordered the Israeli air-force to drop a one-ton bomb on a Gaza apartment building, killing eleven children and many other civilians?
In short, we are dealing with real Nazis, and the truth, however bitter and unpalatable, must be told.
We know the Juedo-Nazi leaders of Israel, along with their cheerleaders in North America, would strive to spread the lie that such wanton acts of bloodshed are “misfires” or “regrettable mistakes.” The less erudite in mendacity and hasbara would probably call the slaughter “collateral damage” as the Americans often refer to their own frequent genocidal episodes in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Unfortunately, such concocted lies still deceive many ordinary people in the West, who breathe, drink and eat Jewish propaganda via their local and national Zionist-controlled media outlets.
Luckily, there are more people who are getting to know the truth about the Nazi nature of Israel and the Nazi-like treatment Palestinians are being subjected to by the children and grandchildren of the holocaust survivors.
What is really disgraceful, however, is the fact that Europeans, who are relatively freer from the Zionist stranglehold, especially when compared to North Americans, are effectively silent in the face of this Gestapo-like behavior.
European condemnation, and not just verbal condemnation, is very important in this context, since Israel and her criminal leaders would interpret any lukewarm European reaction as a green line to keep up the wanton killings.
We do hope that this latest massacre on the Gaza beach will awaken the conscience of those who still haven’t made up their minds regarding the abomination called Israel.
The Palestinian people realize that European political leaders are reluctant to call the spade a spade because of historical reasons and because of Jewish intimidation.
However, ordinary Europeans, including professional unions, workers unions as well as writers, intellectuals and civic leaders must speak up against Judeo-fascism or Zio-Nazism.
After all Europe can not just atone for one holocaust by allowing Israel and the Jews to commit another holocaust against a helpless people whose only crime is their enduring determination to be free from another Nazi reign of occupation and terror.
Take Action, sign up for political action alerts and tell Congress to stop using your tax dollars to support Israeli apartheid terrorism. Please copy, e-mail and distribute as widely as possible.

Monday, September 11, 2006 U.S. had 9/11 coming

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Let their deaths be the instrument of change, not a reason to perpetuate the cycle of death.

By remembering the deaths of those who died during the attacks on the World Trade Center and Military Industrial Complex's central hub at the Pentagon, it gives us an opportunity to use their deaths as a means to create a new possible reality.
A reality that isn't based on selling weapons so the average Joe American can drive gas guzzling beasts instead of forward thinking environmentally sensitive forms of alternative transportation.
A reality that acknowledges that our pursuit of becoming the next robber baron family, is responsible for many of the unwanted "improvements" that create the perfect medium for terrorism to flourisn in third world countries.
The symbolism of the attacks on 9/11 has been completely lost on the public of America. In their pitiful underdeveloped brains, they intended the attack to be an attack on World Trade and the misuse of the disenfranchised that resulted from the WTO's coalition of the greedy.
Since the Pentagon is viewed by the world to be the legbreakers of this particular organized crime ring, they attacked the enforcers along with the headquarters of the operation.
A confused unenlightened man could see this as a way to awaken the eyes of the American public at large.

We don't have to get our elected leaders to listen to us, to have an affect on the profits of those responsible for these neverending wars. Politicians come and go, but Robber Baron families live forever.
Rather than accept anyone's version of what happened on 9/11 as fact, we should use the constant back and forth of the opinion shapers as justification for a total remake of consumerism in America.
If we don't take advantage of our power as consumers now, when they finish taking our disposable income away, our abilities to affect change will disappear.
Simply put, they won't need us to spend money anymore. Their international corporations and the emerging consumer markets in India and China will keep them flush with profits. They could literally watch us starve and not have it impact their bottom line.
Disney's decision to air and distribute talking points to schools supporting the fable called "Path to 9/11", tells me they are growing bolder.
This is a Capitalist country. George Bush himself has sanctioned boycotts and work stoppages as bonifide actions to take in Democratic Societies. But isnce he has inserted language in the New Patriot Act that specifically outlines as illegal, economic terrorism, organized boycotts can be looked at as terrorist acts.
The deaths on 9/11/01, and subsequent propaganda supporting the Bush/Bin Laden version of events, should tell us all that they don't have our best interests at heart.
We can either be cheerled into the centuries old neverending cycle of war that has plagued mankind forever, or do as our forfathers did and legislate steps to ensure it will never happen again.
The people of the world are either blessed or cursed right now. They've been cursed with the biggest bunch of mass murders the world has ever known. Whether it's George W. or Saddam Hussein, Osama or Milosovich, the world is lousy with would be mass murderers.
We've also been blessed with an opportunity to out them as the immoral death dealers they are, and have been, for centuries now.
Our question is. Are we up to the challenge?
When Bush says, "Everything's on the table" I know exactly whta he's talking about. The military industrial complex has gone too far. Papertrails have been created all over the world leading any investigation back to the true instigators of these conflicts. And the same names keep popping up over and over again.
Bush and friends lied for 2 years about the rendition flights. Then at the same time he requests legislation created to absolve himself of all sin, he admits to these illegal detentions.
Enough already. He always admits whatever he's been accused of, eventually.
Assume a survivalist posture much like the religious right wing wackos did prior to Y2K. Downsize, get outta debt, plan local vacations and reintegrate into your local political scene.
Our silence allowed Hillary and friends to be led to the right. If we are ever to salvage what's left of America we must speak our piece. Since the only thing Corporate America understands is profits, a sudden change in consumerism will tell the puppetmasters that their politicians have gone too far.
Between the emerging global warming crisis, and the growing influence on profits the foreign markets bring, our ability to affect change with our wallets is waning.
The deaths on 9/11/01 can either be looked at as reasons to perpetaute the cycle, and as such become collateral damage to the great American war machine. Or their deaths can have real meaning.
They could be viewed as the straw that broke the military industrial complex's, camels, back.
Democracy can only survive if we use every means at our disposal to defend it. In a Capitalist Liberal Democratic Republic, the quickest way to affect change is with profit loss.
George knows this, that's why he praises boycotts and work stoppages in creating Democracies in the former Soviet block nations.
He also knows that if greedy Americans adopted the same tact, he would be gone quicker than spit. So he created the term economic terrorism.
Don't boycott, change your lifestyle. Individual acts of environmental and fiscal responsibility have to happen for America to survive.
We can either do it now while we can make a difference, or do it later when the emerging markets make our boycotts quaint.
Like Condi said. Opportunities are often masked by the tragedies that create them. For example. While progressive American saw the deaths of Katrina as horrendous, bush spent his efforts lining up toadies to benefit from the emergency spending he knew he was sending their way.
The tragedy of 9/11 can neither remain a tragedy forever, or the instrument of change that broke the military industrial complex.
The only question is, are we the generation to make it happen? No one else has had them all wrapped up in a position to be held accountable before.
Like George says, "Everything's on the table".
Can we make it happen? Never give up,never surrender.

Too Many Questions
Reporters are supposed to be trained in "Asking Questions", but after September Eleventh, 2001, it seems they lost their ability to ask questions.
Are we "safer" today?
Why are the internationally renowned terrorist training camps allowed to operate in Pakistan?
Why did we offer India nuclear energy technology when there is a potential for them to use the waste to attack Pakistan with nuclear weapons, another country that has demonstrated the ability to produce nuclear weapons?
Why do we concentrate so much media time on Iran when they are more like five to ten years away from getting a nuclear weapon - and why have we shyed away from recognizing them and negotiating with them?
With a 50/50 chance, and an off-center strike, why did both towers pancake rather than one topple over in structural failure?
Why was there no feuselage and the wrong engine pods for the aircraft on the lawn of the Pentagon?
Why was there no identifiable human remains left at the site of the Pentagon - not even teeth?
Why - at the Pentagon - were the flames a bright yellow-orange with little smoke with only one fire engine there, when a fire of kerosine/diesel fuel burning at atmospheric temperature and pressure would be a dull orange with profuse amount of smoke, especially when being doused by a fire engine?
After the first plane crashed into the WTC and staffers (including Cheney) were husteling to the basement of the White House, why didn't Rumsfeld have someone manning the anti-missile, anti-aricraft systems on the Pentagon, the command center of our national defenses, so that his employees and building would be protected in light of an attack?
With so many security cameras on buildings, why didn't more of them - any of them? - capture clear footage of the airplane that struck the Pentagon?
If we were only hit at the WTC, would we have launched the nation into perpetual war, or would we have just blamed Bush for failing to protect the WTC?
Why have we paid so little attention to satifying the most basic necessities of life to the land we occupy - Iraq - that insurgency is a logical human reaction?
When are we going to pay attention to satifying the most basic necessities of life to the land we occupy - America - that insurgency is not a logical human reaction?
I am sorry that we have suffered the attrocity of 9/11, but am still concerned that our media and our government is not considering the whole truth!!!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

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