Friday, September 29, 2006

Center for Jewish Values urges Casey to Repudiate

Jews Call On Bob Casey to Return MoveOn’s Contributions and Repudiate Its Messages
Center for Jewish Values:
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Jews Call On Casey to Return MoveOn’s Contributions and Repudiate Its Messages
New York, NY – The Center for Jewish Values today called on Pennsylvania
Democrat, US Senate Candidate Bob Casey, Jr. to return almost $170,000 of
campaign contributions from extremist group As has been covered extensively in the press over the past several months,’s website has
a record of attacking Jews and Israel in the most virulent terms. The public repeatedly has asked Casey to repudiate MoveOn’s hate, to return all contributions he has received in connection with MoveOn, and to reject future contributions from MoveOn. Casey continues to ignore all such requests.
“Jews are frightened that MoveOn’s hate message is becoming so influential in national politics. We are deeply troubled that Casey is legitimizing and making himself beholden to a group that tolerates and promulgates the worst kind of hatred, anti-Semitism and anti-Israel propaganda,” said CJV president Jeff Ballabon. CJV requested that Casey do everything in his power to demonstrate that he rejects MoveOn’s hatred for Jews and Israel. “Bob Casey is a public figure,” said Ballabon. “It is imperative that he shows that he is sensitive to and opposes the rise of anti-Semitism in Democratic politics by returning all money associated with, by refusing any invitations by MoveOn and by issuing a statement openly distancing himself and his campaign from MoveOn’s politics of hate.”
Ballabon added, “Americans of good conscience, regardless of their faith, should be troubled that Bob Casey knowingly accepts money from a political organization whose website compared President Bush to Hitler, referred to American supporters of Israel as a “BushCo ZioNeoCon Cabal,” labeled Israelis “ZioNazis,” and called Jews “sneaky,” “greedy pigs,” and “media-owning Jewish pigs.”
As of June 30, 2006, public records show that Casey has accepted $168,591 from

Monday, September 25, 2006 disables Action Forum again

because of the rapidly-widening racism and anti-Semitism scandal. Too bad for them that we downloaded all the good stuff ahead of time.

Hard pounding, gentlemen: but we shall see who can pound the longest. - Arthur
Wellesley. Duke of Wellington at the Battle of Waterloo

Hard pounding and not wishful thinking wins battles, whether physical or political. If’s first suspension of its Action Forum on 8 September was a rout, its re-suspension of the Action Forum as of today (24 September) is an unprecedented disaster that portends total organizational collapse– if its adversaries rouse themselves sufficiently to pursue an effectively-disarmed, disorganized, and fleeing enemy to the death. uncovers the TRUTH behind 9/11!

9/11 victims Todd Beamer and Barbara Olsen alive and well in UFO, along with the 19 purported "hijackers" and Elvis Presley. to see uncover the AWFUL TRUTH about the ZIONIST-OCCUPIED GOVERNMENT!

MoveOn: Rice and Powell are "house slaves" Harry, for telling it like it is. Rice and Powell ARE "house slaves". And the "Republicans ARE like the Jews who worked for Hitler". And Shrub IS "a tyrant and a terrorist". Harry, we need people like you in Congress.
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