Saturday, October 07, 2006 9/11 Denial = Holocaust Denial

We need a term like “9/11 Denial” to underscore the measure of our disgust with the propagators of these stories. 9/11 denial is the same thing as Holocaust denial, except it dismisses, writes off, or explains away two missing skyscrapers and four missing passenger aircraft instead of six million missing Jews and three million missing Poles.

It is a general characteristic of historical revisionism that a vicious crime is denied, explained away, or blamed on someone else– as exempliefied by the Ministry of Truth in George Orwell’s 1984. This in turn encourages future dictators to commit genocides by teaching them that history forgets and erases, or can be made to forget and erase. Adolf Hitler cited the genocide of 1.5 million Armenians in 1915 as proof that he could get away with a Final Solution for Jews, Gypsies, and later Poles and other Slavic “Untermenschen.” Holocaust denial has in turn encouraged dictators like Idi Amin, Pol Pot, Slobodan Milosevic, and the butchers of Darfur to believe that “Never Again” is an empty slogan.

Another form of revisionism acknowledges the crime but blames it on someone else. After its invasion of Poland in 1939, the Soviet Union murdered thousands of Polish military officers in the Katyn Forest. They then “discovered” the bodies a year or two later, showed them to American reporters, and blamed the atrocity on the Nazis. It is hard to have much sympathy for the Nazis who were innocent of this particular crime only for want of opportunity (given their racial policies toward Poles) but it does illustrate the basic principle. The 9/11 deniers at practice the same kind of thing by blaming the destruction of the Twin Towers on controlled demolition by the Bush Administration and/or Jewish real estate developers, while exonerating the true perpetrators: militant “Islamic” barbarian savages that are worthy not of negotiation or appeasement, but extermination like rabid animals.

One posting, which garnered overwhelming approbation from the other participants, even said that some of the hijackers had been seen alive afterward. Others said that missiles and not airplanes had hit the Pentagon and the Twin Towers. The airplane passengers had families who doubtlessly find these statements worse than reprehensible. This puts and the Jeff Rense Show at the same moral level as those who show up at our soldiers’ funerals, insult the families, and say they were glad the soldiers were killed.

There was a time in our country when anyone who behaved that way at a military funeral was likely to be beaten to a pulp or even lynched while the police looked the other way. While we do not take the law into our own hands in a civilized country, we would exercise our own First Amendment right to tell the funeral hecklers that we were sorry they were not burned to death in the Twin Towers on 9/11. Furthermore, if a member of the soldier’s family were to step forward and break the heckler’s jaw on the spot, we would vote to acquit him of assault on the grounds that the heckler had provoked the violence with “fighting words.” (”Hey, man, I see that your dad/ brother/ son got what he deserved for being an Zionaziimperialist pig–” [Sound of relative’s fist making contact with the heckler’s face] “You just got what you deserved for being subhuman gutter trash.”)

The English language unfortunately lacks a specific word for someone who is so despicable and reprehensible that he deserves to be regarded as less than human, and in fact unworthy of the respect a lady or gentleman accords a pet or domestic animal. If such a word existed, we would apply it to the funeral hecklers., Michael Moore, Cindy Sheehan, and the Jeff Rense Show. must be exposed as the anti-Semitic, racist, anti-Christian, and 9/11 denial hate group that it is and the political career of every single candidate who accepts its support must be destroyed. For the record, here is a list of those who have accepted this reprehensible organization’s endorsement:

Ned Lamont (CT)
Patrick Murphy for U.S. Congress (PA-08)
Diane Farrell for U.S. Congress (CT-04)
Robert Byrd for U.S. Senate (WV)
Bob Casey for U.S. Senate (PA)
Nick Lampson for U.S. Congress (TX-22)
Sherrod Brown for U.S. Senate (OH)
Francine Busby for U.S. Congress (CA-50)
Bill Nelson for U.S. Senate (FL)

Meanwhile, we have no problem with Jeff Rense and his friends talking about UFOs, ghosts, and things that go bump in the night but we have a big problem with making a circus of the mass murder of 3000 Americans by militant “Muslims.”

Calling on behalf of

We see that is asking volunteers to call voters during the weeks leading up to the election. We don't know about the MoveOn volunteers, but we sure wouldn't want a respected friend, employer, customer, or member of our community to know we were part of an anti-Semitic organization that is also into 9/11 denial and conspiracy theories straight from the Jeff Rense Show. Associating one's name with MoveOn is on the same plane as introducing oneself and saying, "I'm calling on behalf of the National Man-Boy Love Association" or "I'm calling on behalf of the Ku Klux Klan."

9/11 denial = Holocaust denial, except it writes off two missing skyscrapers and four missing airplanes as opposed to six million missing Jews and three million missing Polish Catholics.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Barack Obama: African-American at a Klan rally shows Barack Obama standing in front of a PAC sign. It is quite likely that he does not know what stands for, or he would realize that he is like an African-American at a Ku Klux Klan rally. While MoveOn's people express open hatred for Jews, their attitude toward African-Americans is contemptuous instead; they don't hate Blacks but tend to put them down as second-class citizens.

Remember,'s people have called for African-American soldiers to be segregated and disarmed as potential mutineers, while calling prominent African-Americans "house slaves." Someone should tell Mr. Obama about this so he will realize that he is dealing with "good old boys" who are disguised as liberals.

Thursday, October 05, 2006 Action Forum back online! :-)

Well, not really;'s Action Forum is still offline because it is an embarrassment to every single candidate that has accepted's endorsement

Ned Lamont (D-CT)
Patrick Murphy for U.S. Congress (PA-08)
Diane Farrell for U.S. Congress (CT-04)
Robert Byrd for U.S. Senate (WV)
Bob Casey for U.S. Senate (PA)
Nick Lampson for U.S. Congress (TX-22)
Sherrod Brown for U.S. Senate (OH
Francine Busby for U.S. Congress (CA-50
Bill Nelson for U.S. Senate (FL)

However, if you're a regular at's Action Forum and really miss it, you will miss little or nothing by visiting the following two sites to learn what REALLY happened on 9/11 and also how the Jooooooooz run everything:

Wednesday, October 04, 2006 Action Forum: Jews do SOMETHING to make people hate the

Evangelical Christians also are a problem

Note: the following link does not work because MoveOn had to take down its Action Forum in disgrace but, should it ever be brought back online, here it is for reference.

Iraq has done nothing to us. We haven’t seen a drop of free Iraqi oil, wont, and shouldn’t. Our government wants to punish Iraq, Iran and Syria for being adversaries of the Israeli occupation of Palestinians. How do I know? Well I watch the congressional votes. There is a much higher percentage of yes votes where applicable to Israel than for any other legislation. Aid for Israelis per capita exceeds that given to any other group including Americans. I believe that Israelis and their bad behavior is a product of all our money and the strings placed on it by AIPAC, congress, Evangelists and American Jews. Yes, we have and will go to war for Israel. Why were Jews hated in Germany, Russia, France, Italy, and the US and around the world. I’d guess they handle success poorly.

9 of 11 Action Forum participants voted to AGREE

Monday, October 02, 2006

Catholic groups condemn bigotry

Bob Casey asked to repudiate

Although is best known for vicious anti-Semitic hate speech and 9/11 conspiracy theories, it has equal opportunity bigotry for everyone and Catholics are no exception. In 2005, MoveOn published a cartoon that was derogatory of Pope Benedict. Luckily for them, Christians and Jews do not behave like militant Muslims so no one’s head was cut off but there are plenty of legal and nonviolent ways to attach an expensive price tag to religious hate speech. The Catholic League and Fidelis are insisting that Bob Casey disown and repudiate

September 19, 2006
Catholic League president Bill Donohue wrote the following letter today:
Dear Mr. Casey:
When I lived in Pittsburgh in the 1980s, I voted with enthusiasm for your father as governor of Pennsylvania. You are now in a campaign for a U.S. Senate seat, and as a pro-life Catholic you are in a position to maintain your father’s legacy. But in order for you to do so, you will have to cut your ties to an anti-Catholic and pro-abortion organization,

[While we do not share the Catholic Church’s view that life begins at conception, obviously stepped over the line with hate speech (actually a hate picture) directed at the Pope and by implication all Catholics.]
Commentary9/22/06 Bob Casey’s Misguided Moral CompassBy: JOSEPH J. CELLA, Special To The Evening Bulletin09/22/2006
To the grave disappointment of many Catholics across the country, the Catholic University of America extended an invitation to U.S. Senate candidate Bob Casey, Jr. to deliver the 38th annual Pope John XXIII Lecture at the university’s law school. Casey accepted and delivered his talk last week entitled: “Restoring America’s Moral Compass: Leadership and the Common Good.” With Casey’s controversial positions and his close ties to anti-Catholic left wing groups, his appearance revealed how his own moral compass is misguided and how he is an unprincipled leader whose words and actions cannot be trusted.
…Since June 2005, Casey has also taken in $168,591 from, the notorious left wing group funded by atheist billionaire George Soros. In 2004, MoveOn infamously placed ads that compared President Bush to Hitler before finally bowing to public pressure to remove them. Just last year, the extremist group launched an anti-Catholic ad mocking the Pope depicting him holding a gavel with the caption ‘God already has a job … he does not need one on the Supreme Court.’Casey’s radical left wing allies and big money friends inspire little hope that he should be trusted to help restore ‘America’s moral compass.’