Sunday, January 14, 2007 Action Forum: "It's still dead, Jim"

Although said it was taking down its racist, anti-Semitic, and Catholic-bashing Action Forum "until after the November election" (with "conservation of bandwidth" being the excuse, even though utilization of bandwidth is the almost-universal measurement of a Web site's success), it has yet to be brought back online.

We believe that the Action Forum has become such a liability to, noting that it overflows with anti-Semitic hate speech every bit as bad as what the Nazis spewed during the 1930s, denunciations of prominent African-Americans as "house slaves," and slurs like "Catholic Pedophiles of America," that it will never be brought back.

We will be here to remind the public of exactly what stands for as the 2008 election season begins. Any candidate who accepts support from this hate organization will be publicly denounced, and this time we will have plenty of time to make the MoveOn connection fatal to their political careers.