Thursday, March 08, 2007

National Jewish Democratic Council: Republican hate speech is bad, MoveOn Democrat hate speech is good

by Bill Levinson
The National Jewish Democratic Council, which attempted to whitewash's vicious hate speech last year while posting anti-Semitic "Jews as Christian haters" propaganda on its own blog, has suddenly decided that hate speech is bad--when it comes from sources like Ann Coulter and Michael Savage. We note, incidentally, that Michael Savage is among the country's most vocal opponents of militant Islam, and his show has more than eight million listeners.">"Savage Hate Speech" at the National Judenrat Democratic Council's blog says, "o those who have heard Savage's radio show, it is obvious that his hate filled-rage knows no bounds. Media Matter has a disturbing example of Savage's tasteless diatribes in which he actually compares homosexual men and women to Nazis." It is entirely consistent with NJDC's total lack of character and ethics that it cites Savage's remarks out of context, as we will demonstrate below.