Saturday, May 19, 2007 9/11 was an Inside Job

From's disgraced Action Forum, still "on vacation to conserve technology bandwidth" for the 2006 election.

I continue to believe that this is the ONLY issue that really matters, because it is the only one that transcends political affiliations. It is not an issue of debate, or opinion, or politics if it is shown that our current administration planned and executed 9/11. No one could argue that killing our own citizens in order to stay in power and promote their own ends is a reasonable political "strategy". Scholarsfor9/ are investigating the facts, not conjecture. We do not need to whine about unvetted videos. The facts are there, waiting to be investigated. Where is the examination of the crime scene? Where is the collection of eyewitness reports, (where early witnesses at both the Pentagon and the Pennsylvania crash site reported clearly that THERE WAS NO AIRLINER!) [Tell that to Todd Beamer's family and the families of everyone else on Flight 93.] Where is the forensic evidence - what can still be found of it? Why have our leaders not been prosecuted for destroying the crime scenes, if nothing else? There is overwhelming evidence that the "identified" Al Quaida terrorists were probably not the perpetrators, since many of them have been found alive and well by the BBC. [Last we heard, they were seen in a UFO with Elvis Presley.] The FBI itself has acknowledged openly that they have no evidence to charge Osama Bin Laden! We all know the 9/11 commission was a sham - at least one of their members has said it was miserably incomplete. Fema has reported that THEY DO NOT KNOW why building 7 fell down. Doesn't anyone care to find out why one of our best skyscrapers (of which there are thousands still in use) just crumbled because of a small fire in its corner??? Hello!!!! Where is the REAL investigation? And who really produced all those animated "explanations" - which have been shown to be as accurate as the new Disney 9/11 movie ? Are we to simply believe the fanciful "conspiracy theories" our government packaged and fed us, or will we demand the truth?

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Friday, May 18, 2007 A Missile Destroyed the World Trade Center (This is where the following appeared; needless to say,'s disgraced Action Forum is still "on vacation" to "conserve technology bandwidth" for the 2006 election season.)

Did Anyone Watch the AlteraVista tape Showing A Missle Hole Not An Airplane Shape into the Pentagon? And many other things from video and reporters as 9/11 was happening that it isn't what it looks like. One thing is true that we Do know: American Citizens died as pawns. Let's get to the truth, however painful it is going to be to discover. Our nation's future depends on it.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007 "Evangelical Christians seek to hasten Armageddon"

Blood libel of Evangelical Christians, from's disgraced Action Forum.

Evangelical Christians seek to hasten Armageddon

I am continually dismayed by our lack of focus on the president's dangerous religious beliefs and how they are informing the agenda of his administration. As an Evangelical Christian, the president is doing his part to hasten armageddon, as evidenced by his middle-east policies. He would like nothing more than full scale war between the Jews, Christians and Muslims, as has been prophesisied in the Bible. Also keep in mind that the Evangelicals have no great love for the Baptists or the Catholics, many of whom the president managed to kill in New Orleans. Yet the president's Evangelical Christian agenda is largely ignored - and it needs to be exposed.

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Daily Kos commentator: "Gas Joe Lieberman like a dog"

Daily Kos-er wants to gas "Jew Lieberman," as's people call him, like a dog.

Monday, May 14, 2007 "World Trade Centers were blown up"

9/11 Denial from's disgraced Action Forum
Any one who saw the collapse of the two World Trade Center towers would have to be blind not to see that they were imploded from within due to controlled demolition, especially since the third WTC building collapsed exactly the same way without being struck by any airplane. As Jesus Christ said: "There are none so blind as they who will not see". I guess us lemmings are all as blind as though we all were victims of mass hypnosis. Let us open our eyes for a change and 'see'.

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