Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Robert Byrd Jokes loves Robert Byrd, KKK-WV, and Barack Obama signed a fundraising letter for his campaign

Q: What is Robert Byrd's favorite gas station?
A: Sheetz; it reminds him of what he wore when he was hanging out with the good old boys. We won't get into whom the good old boys might have been hanging at the time.

Q: Why did Robert Byrd stop liking Iron Maiden?
A: He loved the line "I am a clansman" until he saw the lyrics and realized that "The Clansman" is about a Scotsman.

Q: Why did Robert Byrd stop liking Lord of the Rings?
A: He found out that Bilbo is a hobbit, not the famous segregationist Theodore Bilbo (who was apparently Byrd's mentor).

Q: Why did Robert Byrd stop liking the TV series "Knight Rider?"
A: He watched a few episodes, and not one single night rider showed up to put Black people in their places.

One of Robert Byrd's close friends said one morning, "Bob, I've got a Negro in my family tree."

"I'm right sorry to hear that," Byrd replied.

"No problem, Bob, my family and I just strung him up this morning."