Tuesday, June 12, 2007

MoveOn.org: African-American Soldiers should Desert

Black soldiers should desert or refuse orders, says MoveOn's hate-filled Action Forum.

Original link (the Action Forum is still "on vacation" du to the scandal) http://www.actionforum.com/forum/scores.html?comment_id=287544

Just say no! Ask what is in it for you or your family. Ask how will your family or love ones benefit if we win or lose in Iraq? Ask can you or your love ones gain fair employment, managerial positions or ownership in Halliburton and other industries who are beneficiaries of this illegal occupation? Then make a truthful statement to your commanding officer and the press as to how you are probably discriminated against by your superiors. I would suggest you then offer them your weapon, after realizing who your enemy maybe. Upon your return to America, ask bush how his appointing Alito a racist to the Supreme Court will improve Blacks freedom and opportunities in this country. See; http://www.outbush2005.blogspot.com

13 out of 14 MoveOn.org people voted to AGREE with this