Friday, June 22, 2007 really has those Jews pegged, doesn't it?

From's Action Forum, still "on vacation to conserve technology bandwidth for the 2006 election"

The American Jewish Committee obviously has money to spend. Their ad against Iran in yesterday's New York Times shows that the Committee is American only in name and should change its name to the Israeli Jewish Committee. If Iran is a threat to the region, what about Israel? How many countries can Israel destroy with its 200 plus nuclear warheads and all its planes, tanks and submarines? If they think Israel is threatened, there is an honorable way to help: make aliah (emigrate to Israel). I am sure they will be welcome.
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Thursday, June 21, 2007 asks, "How can we have high level people in our government making foreign policy decisions when they are Jewish?" (The Action Forum is still "on vacation" to "conserve technology bandwidth" for the 2006 election).
With the myriad of reasons for the Iraq invastion, (now discounted) the real reason we preemptively invaded Iraq was for the security of Israel and for it's goal of usurping more land, power and oil from it's Arab neighbors. The AIPAC is the most powerful lobby on Capitol Hill. No politician can be critical of Israeli policy without risking losing the money, votes and the power of this lobby. They all know it is political suicide to do so. This is the dirty little secret that no one can talk about! Another big problem is conflict of interest. How can we have high level people in our government making foreign policy decisions when they are Jewish Americans? It is a cystal clear case of conflict of interest. Their loyalty is to Israel and it has become our loyalty too above what is good for America. No other interests should be above American interest, but this is not the case. Our government is in the horrible position now of fighting this war for the benefit of Israel without their help (don't want a WWW3 situation), without their money and we are losing American lives for a lie. Iraq has never been any kind of threat to America. They are a threat to Israel. Sure we would like to get our hands on Iraqi oil, but that's not why we are there. The Israeli lobby started asking us to start a war with in the Clinton administration. We wouldn't do it, but when 9-11 happened George decided he could tie them to it and show the rest of the world they better not mess with us in the process. Of course the "cooked up WMD's" were largely a result of Jewish Americans in the intelligence community. Please read "A Clean Break". It describes how this is just the initial step by Israel to change the whole Middle East. Our Pro-Israeli foreign policy is the whole reason for the 9-11 attacks. We let Israel continue to build illegal settlements on Arab land in the Gaza and commit human rights violations one after the other. Although this may not be reported much in our media, the whole rest of the world knows that we allowed the "occupiers" to have free reign and it is making enemies for us world wide. Israel started out as a little country created by the Balfour Declaration after the holocoust tragedy. It has since tripled in size with every preemptive invasion and conquest of the Palestinian and Arab land surrounding it and they are not willing to give any bit of it back. They say they will and then they don't. The peace process now is nonexistant ever since George decided to have a hands off policy over there. This was very foolish. If there is no peace there, there will be no safety for America either. We give Israel over 3 BILLION dollars a year. No one else gets anywhere near that? I resent that my tax money is used in this way. These are the sad facts that need to be addressed by Move-On. Don't be scared to tell the truth...Thank you. - Dawn Richeyd, lender (March 22, 2006; Henderson, NV)

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007 on "Fat, White, Rich Christians"

Hate speech du jour from's disgraced Action Forum, which is still "on vacation" for the 2006 election.

We would have more women candidates, more black, hispanic, asian descent, native-american, middle eastern descent that truly represent our society. Not fat, white, rich Christians who represent themselves and their fat rich friends.
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Tuesday, June 19, 2007 Jesus was a Fraud

From's disgraced and still "on vacation for the 2006 election" Action Forum
Christians ("so-called..") believe that Jesus (a Jewish rabbi and wannabe Jewish messiah) died for them and saved their souls when he couldn't even save his own skin let alone the Jewish people. Jews consider any non-Jew as inferior ("the Chosen"). Moslems want to convert everybody. I hear that Buddhists are not that tolerant either. My conclusion: turn churches, temples and mosques into social centers and priests, rabbis, etc into social workers to help the poor and the homeless. If people need religion, let them practice at home. Religion should not be subsidized by the State. The world would be a much better place without fundamentalists of all sorts.

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