Thursday, July 05, 2007 Negro soldiers cannot be trusted with weapons

From's disgraced Action Forum:

Bring Black Troops home/send bush's daughters
To serve in the US to protect the homeland and our human rights, being violated by the Bush Regime. I recently spoke to an African American Marine Officer, who was disturbed about how Black Marines are being treated prior and during Bush’s illegal occupation of Irag. He related to me that if it wasn’t for the low ranking Black Marines who were being discriminated against, and he felt they needed his help, he himself would resign. For this and other reasons Blacks serving in the armed services should not become solders of fortune, but instead should be assigned to protect the human rights of African Americans, and all people regardless of color or faith. This country should also realize why Blacks are not obligated to shed blood for this country. They will not be able to share in the spoils and benefits if any are derived from this invasion, and others. They nor their love ones in their life time will receive equal opportunities in this country. For Blacks to receive the discipline basically the military have to offer, and minorities are so much in need, I would suggest that they recruit Blacks, keep them in safe positions state side and not allow them a weapon, because they may use it against those they perceive to be their enemy.

10 out of 13 MoveOn Action Forum participants agree that African-American service members are potential mutineers who cannot be trusted with weapons. Note also the part about how them nappy headed pickaninnies Black people are "so much in need" of discipline. All that are missing here are the sheets, hoods, and burning crosses.

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007 Action Forum: Jesus' followers were ignorant

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Anybody trying to bring peace to the Middle East would have to claim to be some kind of a Divine Messenger, they're just that Ignorant. When you consider the region were Jesus lived, and if you were trying to help them, you might would have to tell them you were the Son of God, just to get them to quit fighting amongst themselves, and Pay Attention. The Requirements of Freedom fly far above their heads.
5 out of 9 Action Forum participants voted to AGREE