Friday, July 13, 2007 Action Forum says, "Police Officers are Racists"

Posting seen on's disgraced, anti-Catholic, and anti-Semitic Action Forum

The Jews don’t deserve a State, and are less deserving than African Americans. The Jews are receiving African Americans’ “REPRARATION” in the form of foreign aid.

At least Israel requires that their youth serve in the military. This administration and its COWARDS find all the loop holes in order that they and their Caucasians Love Ones do not have to serve. When the Reserves and National Guard were considered safe havens, these units were ‘reserved’ for Caucasians. African Americans were delegated to Cooks, Mechanics etc., with little chance of advancement. Now we send our Reserves and National Guard to Muslim countries with the pretense that we want to create freedom for Muslims. These units consist of Police Officers and other Racist individuals who have since the founding of America, have discriminated and violated the rights of minorities in this country. See:

In my opinion it is OK

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Thursday, July 12, 2007 Action Forum says, Blacks should not serve in our Armed Forces

I, whose son served in Afghanistan and Iraq, wish Cindy [Sheehan?] could tell Bush what I have written and wish I could tell him face to face. I believe him to be an unethical liar who never should had been put in the position he is so unqualified for, and he is an embarrassment to most people in the US, and most all people in the World. He should be impeached as I have said in the past, he should have sent his daughters to war instead of my son, he should never ask a Black to risk his or her life to offer democracy to Iraq's that Blacks will never achieve during his regime in this country. He should be tried for war crimes as he is advocating for Sadam Hussen. The same treatment Sadam receives should be the same he should get for his past and present crimes against humanity prior to the unlawful invasion of Iraq. I would ask Cindy to tell Bush that he and his regime would be doing the world a favor if they would leave
office immediately. Again I state that neither Bush nor any president should ask any" BLACK in this racist country to risk his life or to be put in harms way, due to the manner in which blacks have and are yet being denied equal opportunities in this racist society. While speaking to him you must realize that due to his intellect he will most likely have to consult with his advisor, Carl Rove, also called by Bush "TURD SMASHER", to give you a somewhat intelligent answer to my statements which I want you to present on my behalf. Thanks for your involvement in a cause all reasonable Americans should support.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007 Action Forum: Black and Muslim soldiers should refuse orders

United Nations should Control U.S.

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I ask that the UN investigate and bring appropriate charges against Bush and this administration. I demand that Congress and the UN fully investigate this administration and not allow another invasion to occur without UN sanction. This occupation must end now. The UN must take control now not later. Congress must act now. The UN must perform its duties now before dictators such as Bush achieve his goal of Caucasians ruling the world. If help is not received from Congress and the UN, I ask that the Civil Rights Organizations, Black and Muslim religious organizations, join with me in asking all Black and Muslim soldiers and civilians to refuse to support this illegal occupation of Iraq by this 'son of a bush'. See:

7 out of 9 agree. And the material at is even worse.

Monday, July 09, 2007's Action Forum on "Republicans, Jews, and Blacks"

Please read this posting very carefully before you get your 'shorts' all bunched up! If you want to deliberately miss the point -- that's O K -- not everyone is ready to take a look at their real self.

What do they all have in common?

They all yell bloody murder when anyone says anything that they think is directed at their society. If you attack anyone in their society, they think that they might be next. The problem is, is that they mentally identify themselves, as part of a particular group and not part of the whole!

Truth has nothing to do with it -- they all scream at the same time -- the Republicans will unite, and scream, whenever anyone outside there own party challenges their base! The Blacks will scream and play the race card anytime one of their own is singled out! (How many will still proclaim OJ's innocence?) Israel will play the Holocaust card and scream in unison when Israel is shown to be less than perfect!

With Israel and Blacks, this is their way of preventing any chance of the past injustices being repeated! They are still afraid that the past may repeat itself if they don't "stick together"! Its their defence against admitting one of their own could be wrong. Most of the Jewish people in the United States support Israel about the same way we support this country. We can acknowledge and criticize our own country's many mistakes. We can express our 'outrage' of what is going on, but when an 'outsider' criticizes this country, we rise up as one to defend the United States!

We defend this country because we see this country as it should be, not as it is! We refuse to take responsibility for who and what we really are as a country. After all we didn't vote for this administration and we think it very unfair when anyone includes us in their criticism of what this country is doing! Its the old story we judge ourselves by our intentions while judging others by what they do!

I think a good example of this is when that British newspaper ran that headline when Bushit was re-elected! "How could 50 some million people be so stupid?" [Answer: we didn't want a Soros-backed agent like John Kerry.] ... They seek safety in the group just as untrained Infantry will "bunch up" when frightened.