Wednesday, July 18, 2007 "Israel, Our Child Of Terror"

From's disgraced Action Forum, still "on vacation to conserve technology bandwidth" for the 2006 elections.

America is the Dr. Frankenstein and in our labs we have created with our genius
the monster Frankenstein.
We pay for those weapons. We personally pay taxes that murder people and our hands drip with blood of the Iraqi and Palestinian children and men and women.
The "special relationship' we have with Israel is part of our EXCEPTIONALISM. We believe we deserve to own the world's resources, and the land and oil and water and power is ours.
We pay for the largest military in the world so we can continue to feed our monster's habit of blood-sucking.
Why is Israel feed American tax dollars? Because it is our baby.
We are locked into a Neocon dream of world dominance. Israel took the part of NAZI Germany that understands world dominance through military and of course, the idea of death camps.
The oppressed has become the oppressor in some sadomasochist dream of power.
And then we watch the nuclear game, where we know Israel has enough nukes to end life on earth and we attack the Muslim states who start to think of getting their own in five or ten years.
We as Dr. Frankenstein love our handywork.
And like a dysfunctional family with a sick father who murders women at night, our little monster child is something we are sickly proud of, for the monster will outdo us in his reach for little girls.
And when the world of Muslims and free farmers come out in pitchforks and torches, we act sooooooooooooooo surprised that they would hurt our monster child.
We weep for Israel, our Frankenstein baby monster. I personally think this monster helped the NeoCon dream of world domination by the New Pearl Harbor of 9-11, but then I am suspicious since I have seen the damage
my tax dollars and your tax dollars of millions every day has done to the
Maybe they learned it all from daddy America when we stole the
land from the Natives and slaughtered wholesale their children and women?

18 out of 25 agree