Friday, November 09, 2007 Can't Stop CafePress Items

Although's Carrie Olson attempted to intimidate CafePress and a CafePress shopkeeper into removing items that mention's name (as opposed to using its trademarked red and blue logo), it has said and done absolutely nothing about our own CafePress offerings--which are far more aggressive than the material that attempted to ban. Here's one we uploaded a few days ago, but others like this one have been online for a few weeks.

To quote the Earl of Uxbridge in Sharpe's Waterloo, "Once you get past the lance points, it's like killing rabbits." A lance with the full weight of a man and a horse behind it is a terrifying weapon, but terror is its ONLY virtue. George S. Patton Jr.'s Saber Exercise later included instructions on how to parry a lance with a straight-bladed sabre of his own design. Since the swordsman had the advantage of leverage over the longer weapon, a correctly-executed parry was certain to work, after which the lancer had no protection whatsoever against being run through. MoveOn can similarly do nothing more than make a lot of noise and threats over the use of its name in CafePress and similar products, and it is totally helpless against anyone who can get past the noise and threats to deal a decisive blow.