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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

More Dishonesty from the National Jewish Democratic Council

We checked the National Jewish Democratic Council's blog for its lie du jour, and we found Republican KKKongressman Honors KKK Founder by Quoting him on the House Floor. Steve Rabin seeks to equate a Republican House member with the Ku Klux Klan because he quoted Nathan Bedford Forrest on a totally unrelated issue, namely that of military strategy. This is but one example of the National Jewish Democratic Council's intellectual dishonesty, and we remind our readers of its own track record of anti-Christian and even anti-Semitic hate speech.

Here is how Steve Rabin attempts to connect Ted Poe to the Ku Klux Klan:

Rep Ted Poe, Republican of Texas said this on the House Floor:

"Nathan Bedford Forrest, successful Confederate general, said it best about winning and victory and the means to do so. He said, “Git thar fustest with the mostest.”"

Who is Nathan Bedford Forrest? The founder of the KKK.
Note how desperate Mr. Rabin is to smear Republicans on any pretext, noting that Poe was quoting Forrest not on race relations, but on military strategy. Nor was he "honoring" Forrest, he was merely citing a military precept that does indeed result in success. Now, we have posted the following to NJDC in response, but we are sure NJDC will not allow our response to appear.

Forrest's generalship, which is what Poe was citing, has nothing to do with what Forrest did after the war.

Meanwhile, what is your position on Robert Byrd's (KKK-WV) fitness to serve in the Senate?

We are quite confident that NJDC will not reply, because it has no answer. Per A Senator's Shame,

By Eric Pianin
Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, June 19, 2005; A01

In the early 1940s, a politically ambitious butcher from West Virginia named Bob Byrd recruited 150 of his friends and associates to form a chapter of the Ku Klux Klan. After Byrd had collected the $10 joining fee and $3 charge for a robe and hood from every applicant, the "Grand Dragon" for the mid-Atlantic states came down to tiny Crab Orchard, W.Va., to officially organize the chapter.

...Byrd said in the Dec. 11, 1945, letter -- which would not become public for 42 more years with the publication of a book on blacks in the military during World War II by author Graham Smith -- that he would never fight in the armed forces "with a Negro by my side." Byrd added that, "Rather I should die a thousand times, and see old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again, than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels."

...The letter was dated 1946 -- long after the time Byrd claimed he had lost interest in the Klan. "The Klan is needed today as never before, and I am anxious to see its rebirth here in West Virginia," Byrd wrote, according to newspaper accounts of that period. Byrd makes no mention of the letter in his new book.

So according to the (double) standards of the National Jewish Democratic Council, Rep. Poe is a "Republican KKKongressman" for quoting a Klansman on a totally unrelated issue, while Senator Robert Byrd, who was personally active in the Ku Klux Klan, is not a "Democratic KKKongressman." This is far from surprising, noting the pass NJDC has given the leading Democratic Presidential candidates for appearing with Al Sharpton, a prominent racist and anti-Semite who has, at indirectly, helped incite two violent incidents in which people were killed. (Crown Heights riots and Freddy's Fashion Mart.) Meanwhile, NJDC's Ira Forman knowingly and willfully lied to cover up's anti-Semitic and anti-Catholic hate speech.

The National "Jewish" "Democratic" Council is a double oxymoron, because it stands for nothing that any decent Jew or Democrat will acknowledge. Its long track record of lying (e.g. about, double standards, and promulgation of hate against Christians and even Jews it happens to dislike, shows that it stands for absolutely nothing. The best service it can do the Democratic Party is to disband, and hope that people will forget that it ever existed.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007 Action Forum: Democrat Tom Lantos is a "whining, arrogant Jew"

This will be the first of a series of statements from's disgraced Action Forum, in which MoveOn's moderators exercised editorial control in favor of the commentary like the one shown here. Remember that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton take the Jewish vote for granted, so it was OK for them to appear at a function and then to consort with Al Sharpton's hate organization, the National Action Network.*

Congressman Tom Lantos told PM Olmert of Israel that he wants to freeze the $ 230 million U.S. aid package to Lebanon. Lantos is the ranking democrat on the House Foreign Relations Comte. Lantos said, "The [Lebanese] aid package should be witheld until the Lebanese government displays responsibility". Responsibility ? Israel is guilty of war crimes in their cowardely attack on Lebanon and the whining, arrogant Jew wants Lebanon to demonstrate responsibility ! This is another example of how many Jews/Zioniosts in our Congress use the U.S. for their own greedy purposes. DUMP ISRAEL.

14 out of 17 Action Forum participants voted to AGREE with this.

* Per "Democrats Embrace Impresario of Hatred" by Fred Siegel,

Picketers from Mr. Sharpton's National Action Network, sometimes joined by "the Rev." himself, marched daily outside the store, screaming about bloodsucking Jews" and "Jew bastards" and threatening to burn the building down. After weeks of increasingly violent rhetoric, one of the protesters, Roland Smith, took Mr. Sharpton's words about ousting the "white interloper" to heart. He ran into the store shouting, "It's on!" He shot and wounded three whites and a Pakistani, whom he apparently mistook for a Jew. Then he set the fire, which killed five Hispanics, one Guyanese and one African-American--a security guard whom protesters had taunted as a "cracker lover." Smith then fatally shot himself.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Barack Obama and the Sharpton-Tross

The shipmates, in their sore distress, would fain throw the whole guilt on the ancient Mariner : in sign whereof they hang the dead sea-bird round his neck.

Ah ! well a-day ! what evil looks
Had I from old and young !
Instead of the cross, the Albatross
About my neck was hung.
Barack Obama has saved his shipmates the trouble by hanging the Sharpton-tross (stinking to high heaven of racist and anti-Semitic hate speech) around his own neck.

Barack Obama's Running Mate, Al Sharpton = David Duke

Barack Obama, who supports partial birth infanticide despite the ban's explicit exception for abortions to protect the life of the mother, appears on stage with his racist and anti-Semitic running mate Al Sharpton. Click on the image to see Sharpton morph into a Ku Klux Klansman while talking about Jews, white people, Italians, gays, and even Black people he doesn't like.

Sharpton compares Robert Abrams to Hitler, says Mario Cuomo linked to organized crime

We know what Al Sharpton thinks of Jews like Eliot Spitzer ("diamond merchants" and "bloodsucking Jews") but we now know he thinks Italian-Americans are all involved in organized crime. Not that we are surprised; Al Sharpton hates just about everybody.

Sharpton compared then-state Attorney General Robert Abrams, a Jew, to Adolf Hitler. All three linked then-Gov. Mario Cuomo to organized crime and the Ku Klux Klan.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Al Sharpton as the Democratic National Convention's keynote speaker

Al Sharpton the Bigot Poo (due credit to South Park for the idea) as the keynote speaker at the 2008 Democratic National Convention. After making his entrance by popping out of a toilet, he leaves a trail of fecal matter representing the Crown Heights riots, the fatal arson of a Jewish-owned store in Harlem, and the Tawana Brawley scandal.

After Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama make the mistake of shaking hands with him, he introduces his constituents (a swarm of flies representing the absolute dregs of Black society) and meets his friend Klan Kleagle the Racist Poo, who is surrounded by a similar entourage of the dregs of Caucasian society--the kind of people who are attracted to racist and anti-Semitic hatemongers.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Al Sharpton the Racist Poo and his National Action Network

Al Sharpton the Racist Poo (with due credit to South Park's Mr. Hanky for the idea) meets his white counterpart, Kleagle the Racist Poo. Kleagle is upset because Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Edwards, Bill Richardson, Joe Biden, and Chris Dodd won't accept his invitation to meetings of the Ku Klux Klan and White Aryan Resistance, although they did go to Sharpton's National Action Network meeting.

A World Without Hate Groups (Al Sharpton's National Action Network)

(You may need to click on the animation to make it work)
Al Sharpton and the National Action Network = Tom Metzger and the White Aryan Resistance
Fred Siegel's outstanding Democrats Embrace 'Impresario of Hatred'
It would have taken no great effort for the reporters covering the Apollo debate to have walked across 125th Street from the theater to visit Freddy's Fashion Mart, where in 1995 eight people died in a murderous rampage inspired by Mr. Sharpton. Mr. Sharpton is best-known for the Tawana Brawley hoax, in which he insisted that a 15-year-old black girl had been abducted and raped by a band of white men practicing Irish Republican Army rituals. In fact she had made up the story to protect herself from her violent stepfather. But at Freddy's, Mr. Sharpton was even more malevolent. He turned a landlord-tenant dispute between the Jewish owner of Freddy's and a black subtenant into a theater of hatred. Picketers from Mr. Sharpton's National Action Network, sometimes joined by "the Rev." himself, marched daily outside the store, screaming about "bloodsucking Jews" and "Jew bastards" and threatening to burn the building down. After weeks of increasingly violent rhetoric, one of the protesters, Roland Smith, took Mr. Sharpton's words about ousting the "white interloper" to heart. He ran into the store shouting, "It's on!" He shot and wounded three whites and a Pakistani, whom he apparently mistook for a Jew. Then he set the fire, which killed five Hispanics, one Guyanese and one African-American--a security guard whom protesters had taunted as a "cracker lover." Smith then fatally shot himself. adds, ed, ...But the torching, so to speak, continued. In 1995-four years into the putative New Sharpton-there was another, fatal case in which Sharpton had a guilty hand: Freddy’s Fashion Mart. In Harlem, a white store owner — no, worse: a Jewish one — was accused of driving a black store owner out of business. At one of the many rallies meant to scare the Jewish owner away [can anyone say, "burning crosses meant to scare the Negro owner away?"], Sharpton charged that “there is a systemic and methodical strategy to eliminate our people from doing business off 125th Street. I want to make it clear . . . that we will not stand by and allow them to move this brother so that some white interloper can expand his business.” Sharpton’s colleague, Morris Powell, said of the Jewish owner — Sharpton’s “white interloper” — “We’re going to see that this cracker suffers. Reverend Sharpton is on it.”

Friday, April 20, 2007

Al Sharpton Morphs with Tom Metzger

Except for skin color, is there any real difference between them?
(You may need to click on the image to see the animation)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Al Sharpton: the Democrats' Tom Metzger

Q: What is the difference between Tom Metzger (Aryan Nations, Ku Klux Klan, White Aryan Resistance) and Al Sharpton (National Action Network)?

A: Tom Metzger was never invited to be a keynote speaker at the Democratic National Convention (Kerry, 2004) or campaign with Ned Lamont. Nor did Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Bill Richardson, Chris Dodd, John Edwards, and Joe Biden agree to appear at an Aryan Nations conference, as they just agreed to appear at Sharpton's National Action Network.

Other than that, there is no practical difference between Tom Metzger and Al Sharpton. Both have used racist and anti-Semitic slurs. Both have, at least indirectly, incited racist violence in which people have been killed. Al Sharpton is simply a darker version of Tom Metzger, and racism stinks in every color.

Democrats and Al Sharpton: "Racist hatemongers appeal to the absolute dregs of their respective societies"

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Response to Milwaukee Journal Sentinal on Tommy Thompson

To the Editor;I do not find Tommy Thompson's remarks statement that earning money is "sort of part of the Jewish tradition" any more offensive than I think most Protestants would find, "earning money is sort of part of the Protestant work ethic."

If, however, Thompson's statement is sufficiently ill-judged to call for his withdrawal, then every single Democratic candidate who just agreed to appear at Al Sharpton's National Action Network is even less qualified to be President. As a "white interloper" and "[Jewish] diamond merchant" (Sharpton's own terms for me; his entourage threw in "bloodsucking Jew" and "cracker" for good measure) and also a Wappingers Falls resident in 1988, I will be triply unable to even consider voting for Clinton, Obama, Richardson, Dean, or Edwards next November.

Furthermore, it is well known that racist demagogues appeal to the absolute dregs of the societies they claim to represent. If former Klansman David Duke appeals to what is commonly known as "white trash," the kind of Black voter whose vote Sharpton can actually deliver is self-evident. The fact that the above Democrats are willing to appear in public with the Black counterpart of David Duke shows their low, and quite possibly racist, expectations of African-Americans as a whole.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Democratic Candidates Embrace Anti-Semitic Hate Group

After the Nevada Democratic Party cancelled a Presidential debate on Fox News, the major Democratic candidates (Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Edwards, Joseph Biden, Chris Dodd, Bill Richardson) have all agreed to speak at the conference of an anti-Christian and anti-Semitic hate organization: the National Jewish Democratic Council. We have previously shown that this is a double oxymoron, as there is nothing either Jewish or Democratic about this organization.

How could the National "Jewish" Democratic Council be anti-Semitic? It is anti-Semitic for exactly the same reason that Black rap artists who continuously describe Black men as "pimps" and Black women as "hos" are racists. When a purportedly Jewish organization spews anti-Semitic propaganda, it is far more destructive than it would be if it came from a white supremacist hate group. The white supremacists can point to NJDC and say, "Look, this is what those Jews say about themselves!" They can point to rap artists like Snoop Dogg and say, "Look, this is what those Blacks say about Black men and Black women," although "Blacks" is probably not the word the white supremacists use.

The National "Jewish" Democratic Council is Anti-Semitic
The Judenrats (Nazi-appointed Jewish governing councils) and kapos (Jewish concentration camp trustees) of the Second World War can, to some degree or other, offer the defense of duress for their collaboration with the Nazis. If they didn't cooperate, the Nazis would have simply killed them and found other Jews who would be more cooperative. One of the Judenrat's functions was to tell Jews that the cattle cars were going to take them to nice country retreats and relaxing work camps. In contrast to Jews who cooperated with Nazis because they had guns (often literally) to their heads, NJDC leader Ira Forman was under no duress whatsoever when he said the following:

Jewish voters should take comfort in knowing that is not a haven for anti-Semitism and the organization will renounce and remove any postings of the sort. Leave it to Republicans to not allow the truth to get in the way of campaigning.

Ira Forman
Executive Director
National Jewish Democratic Council

Right: is not an anti-Semitic organization even though it knowingly and willfully welcomed the most vicious imaginable anti-Semitic hate speech, including an actual blood libel of Jews, at its moderated Action Forum. However, Tommy Thompson is anti-Semitic because he is a Republican said that making money "is part of the Jewish tradition." Thompson was referring to the Jewish culture of education and industry, which naturally tend to produce higher incomes. It is like promoting the stereotype that, at most American universities, "the Asian students are always in the library" (and therefore earning higher grades than the non-Asians who are out partying.) Thompson actually said,

I'm in the private sector and for the first time in my life I'm earning money. You know that's sort of part of the Jewish tradition and I do not find anything wrong with that.

What if he had said, "I'm in the private sector and for the first time in my life I'm earning money. You know that's consistent with the Protestant work ethic and I do not find anything wrong with that?" Would that be derogatory of Protestants? The problem is that the NJDC is so desperate to find things wrong with Republicans that it will call John McCain a racist for using the phrase "tar baby" (an inanimate object from a very entertaining story from Black folklore) while whitewashing for promoting actual blood libels of Jews, 9/11 denial, and hate speech against Catholics, evangelical Christians, and even Black people.

We have seen so far that NJDC is anti-Semitic for lying to Jews about's anti-Semitic hate activities. NJDC adds to this its own vicious anti-Semitic propaganda. From Republicans' Elephant in the Living Room comes this beauty:

As for the purportedly common ground between Jews and Christians on American domestic issues, it is narrow indeed. Research by a variety of scholars and pollsters - Ken Wald of the University of Florida, Eric Uslaner and Mark Lichbach of the University of Maryland, the survey released just last week … shows a chasm between American Jews and evangelical Christians on issues ranging from the Iraq war to legal abortion to gay rights.

More than identifying the schism on any specific topic, the research describes a visceral distrust, bordering on antipathy, for Evangelical Christians on the part of American Jews. For myself, I find this attitude to be exaggerated, or at least more suited to the past than the present, and yet it is an undeniable political reality. It is the kind of passionate reflex that a political consultant of my acquaintance, who happens to be a Republican, refers to as an “emotional trigger.” And in any campaign, he says, you need to find your side’s emotional trigger to get people out the door to vote.

This statement is clearly designed to damage relations between Jews and evangelical Christians, and it is therefore anti-Semitic. It is, in fact, similar to "Jew as Christian-hater" propaganda that anti-Semites have spewed for centuries to incite pogroms and, most recently, the Holocaust. From “Propaganda and Children during the Hitler Years” by Mary Mills at Nizkor’s Web site,

Drawing on several centuries of anti-semitism, Bauer intensifies her anti-semitic assault by making the virtuous German the object of the Jewish hate. …An example of this concept of the Jew as a Christian-hater occurs in Uncovered Jewry, Or A Thorough And Truthful Report About The Horrible Ways The Hidden Jews Desecrate The Holy Trinity.

It would be one matter if a statement like "a visceral distrust, bordering on antipathy, for Evangelical Christians on the part of American Jews" had come from the Ku Klux Klan or some other white supremacist group, because it could then be written off as white supremacist hate speech. When it comes from a purportedly Jewish organization, however, it becomes believable--just as depictions of Black men as pimps and Black women as "hos" becomes semi-credible when it comes from a Black rapper like Snoop Dogg. The proper response, of course, is to write off Snoop Dogg as a low-class entertainer who is no more representative of Black people than NJDC is representative of Jews.

Having accused Jews of "distrusting" Christians, NJDC does its best to intensify this distrust with anti-Christian hate cartoons. The following clips are from its "Bubbie" video series, which it posted during the 2004 elections. This frame has a Christian minister proclaiming, "A vote for Bush is a vote for God." We can imagine how Christians might be outraged by this picture, and we must denounce and repudiate its connections with anyone or anything we are prepared to recognize as "Jewish."

Then NJDC uses the issue of evangelism to damage Jewish-Christian relations, as shown by the following.

The implication is obvious; the evangelists, or "Jews for Jesus," are trying to convert Jews while proclaiming that a vote for Bush is a vote for God. We are not personally receptive to the J for J's position that Jesus was the son of God and that we should worship him. On the other hand, we could easily describe ourselves as "Jews for Jesus' teachings," noting that there is no appreciable difference between what Jesus would do and what Rabbi Hillel would do. Instead of looking for common ground on which we can meet and welcome our Christian friends, e.g. the fact that "what would Jesus do?" is probably 99 times out of 100 what Rabbi Hillel would do, NJDC is doing its best to alienate Christians. NJDC can therefore be regarded as a divisive hate organization that has no place in civilized and rational political discourse.

Having directed hatred and contempt at Christians, NJDC goes on to mock Jewish members of George Bush's cabinet by having them dance the hora for Bubbie, the stereotyped Jewish grandmother:

In other words, NJDC is even willing to use Jewish ethnic stereotypes against Jews it happens to dislike. NJDC is worse than an ordinary hate organization, which directs hate speech and pictures only against outsiders; it even directs ridicule and contempt at the very ethnic or religious group it claims to represent.

It is a well known fact that racist demagogues and hate organizations appeal almost universally to the lowest classes of the societies they claim to represent. White supremacist David Duke appeals to the lowest class of Caucasian, while Al Sharpton appeals to the lowest kind of African-American. The fact that both John Kerry and Ned Lamont welcomed this racist and anti-Semite's support shows that they do not think very highly of Black people. Most Caucasians would be outraged by the implication that the likes of David Duke could deliver their vote to a candidate, and Kerry's and Lamont's position that Sharpton can "deliver the Black vote" is repugnant and insulting to every decent African-American in the country.

As far as we are concerned, the following individuals have just told us that they think we are the kind of Jew whose vote can be delivered by the hate-mongers of the National "Jewish" "Democratic" Council. They have effectively told us that we are the Jewish counterpart of the kind of white person to whom David Duke might appeal, or the class of Black person whose vote Al Sharpton can deliver.

U.S. Senator Joseph Biden
U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton
U.S. Senator Chris Dodd
U.S. Senator John Edwards
U.S. Senator Barack Obama
Governor Bill Richardson

The above individuals have automatically disqualified themselves from any consideration for our vote next year, and the Democratic Party would be well advised to look into someone like Joe Lieberman ("Jew Lieberman" as's people call him), Pennsylvania's Ed Rendell, Paul Kanjorski, or some other genuine DEMOCRAT who has not soiled his or her hands through contact with, NJDC, or Al Sharpton.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Rappin' Adolf Hitler sings about Al Sharpton's friend Louis Farrakhan

A Great Man
by Rapping Adolf Hitler and the Ice People

In 1984, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan said that Adolf Hitler was a "great man." Rappin' Adolf and the Ice People (Ku Klux Klansmen) sing about how Farrakhan thinks Hitler was a great man, and what Hitler thought of Black people. The song ends with a warning, "Just you beware of all who sell hate."

"Ice people" is from Professor Leonard Jeffries' assertion that Blacks are "sun people" who are racially superior to melanin-deficient "ice people."Al Sharpton (who recently demanded the firing of radio personality Don Imus for crude remarks about Black women) has "embraced" Leonard Jeffries, while saying that he does not think Louis "Judaism is a gutter religion" Farrakhan is an anti-Semite.

A Great Man
by Rappin' Adolf and the Ice People

So Louis F. says I'm a great man
Well here's what I think of the Af-ri-can
The Master Race is blond, blue-eyed and white
If your skin is black, well you just ain't right.

Louis likes me 'cause I hate the Jews
Well if you're Black--YO! have I got news!
If I was in charge, you'd soon lose your ass
I'd put you in the shower and turn on the gas!

Does F want me to rise from my grave?
If I had my way, you'd all be SLAVES!
I don't think F's a great man
He sure as heck ain't no Ar-y-an.

So Louis F. thinks I'm a great man?
I guess he agrees with the Ku Klux Klan.
The Grand Wiz thinks I'm just the boss
His pals all love me and my crook-ed cross.

Perhaps my words have made you irate
Well just you beware of all who sell hate.
Whether the bigot be white, brown or black
Don't you give 'em your ear, just turn your back.

Al Sharpton talks about Don Imus, then wakes up as a Caucasian

Al Sharpton talks about Don Imus, then wakes up as a Caucasian (humor)

Friday, April 13, 2007

Al Sharpton to deliver Black Trash votes to Democrats

If David Duke delivers white trash votes, whose votes does Al Sharpton deliver?

Racists, bigots, and similar demagogues appeal to the absolute dregs of their respective societies. Joseph Goebbels and Adolf Hilter pointed out, for example, that Nazi propaganda had to be designed to appeal not to intellectuals, but rather to the lowest class of German.

The typical white supremacist rank and file member is usually uneducated, semiliterate, and at the lowest end of the socioeconomic spectrum. He is stereotyped as a whisky-swilling alcoholic who lives in a run-down trailer outside of which his vehicles, if any, are propped up on cinder blocks. He and his friends complain about African-Americans ("African-Americans," "Negroes," and "Blacks" are not the word they use) and wear sheets over their worn trousers and cheap shoes when they go to Ku Klux Klan meetings. This is the kind of individual to whom a racist and anti-Semitic demagogue like David Duke appeals.

The Klansman's Black counterpart is, in fact, the Klansman's ideal stereotype of a Black person: parasitic, indolent, and often violent. Al Sharpton's entourages included violent criminals who rioted, knifed a Jew to death in Crown Heights, and burned down a Jewish-owned store in Harlem. Like broken clocks that are right twice a day, Black supremacists and White supremacists are right--about each other. Black trash and white trash, they are exactly the same thing in packages of different colors, and that "thing" stinks to high heaven.

No political candidate in his right mind would ask for or accept David Duke's endorsement or support. While David Duke might indeed deliver the votes of all white trash who bother to vote, he would rightfully alienate not only every Black and Jewish voter, but also every single decent white Gentile voter in the country. The latter would rightly assume that the candidate regarded them as white trash who might be responsive to David Duke's leadership.

In 2004, however, John Kerry welcomed Al Sharpton's support and even invited him to be a key speaker at the Democratic National Convention. Ned Lamont similarly welcomed Sharpton's support in 2006, when he ran against "Jew Lieberman" as's people called him. This is pretty much indicitive of what John Kerry and Ned Lamont think of Black people. They might as well be calling them the N word because, just as white trash are the only people whose votes David Duke is likely to deliver, only the absolute dregs of Black society are responsive to anti-Semitics and racist charlatans like Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan.

Unless the Democrats want to hand the White House to whatever the Republicans put up in 2008, they will disown and repudiate racist and anti-Semitic individuals like Al Sharpton, and hate organizations like

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Al Sharpton = David Duke in Blackface

Al Sharpton is as qualified to criticize Don Imus as a pimp is qualified to talk about chastity.